EXCLUSIVE: Britney Scared of Dad Says Witness, Judge Keeps Restraining Order On Sam Lutfi

In a hearing held Wednesday afternoon, a witness testified that Britney Spears received a pre-paid cell phone from Sam Lutfi’s sister inside a hotel sauna, at her request.

During a hearing at the Los Angeles Superior Court regarding a restraining order against Lutfi, Christine Lutfi, 25, testified that she met Spears on the fifth floor gym of the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills on January 16.

She told the court: “Britney was working out with her mother at the time. When she came to meet me inside the sauna I gave her the phone- which I told her was from Sam and Adnan [Ghalib]- she then took the phone and placed it inside a locker.”

Lutfi earlier revealed that Spears had called her on Sam’s cell phone requesting help. “She said she was scared of her father and wanted a way to get a cell phone,” she added. “She asked me if Sam could help her get a lawyer.”

The lawyer for Spears’ conservatoriship Joel Boxster countered, “Lutfi made persistant calls. If this was a celebrity stalker, the court would not hesitiate. He is a celebrity svengali. Ms. Spears wanted him arrested because of his conduct.”

Despite the new evidence from Lutfi’s sister, the judge Aviva Bobb denied the request to lift the temporary restraining order.

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