“Cosmic Cow” Barrymore Tells Dave She’s A “Good-Time Gal”

She didn’t try to flash him this time, but Drew Barrymore always seems a little too outgoing in her dealings with recently-married talk show host David Letterman.

The actress — who created a mini-stir back in 1995 with the aforementioned stunt — continued her flirty ways with the gap-toothed Indiana native Wednesday.

When asked about a prominent tongue-piercing she was brandishing, she told Letterman: “I’m a good time gal!”

Multi-tasking Barrymore went on to explain that she actual got the piercing for her role as a roller derby skater in the upcoming film, Whip It!

Barrymore also revealed to Letterman her not so fond memories of school when she was bullied and nicknamed “Cosmic Cow.”   “I wore these space garbage surfer shorts,” she said, “cause all the other kids were wearing surfer shorts.”

We here at RadarOnline.com are glad to see that, even with the teasing, Drew came out of her shell.

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