Cash-Strapped Cage Selling Bavarian Castle

If you think you’re having a hard time selling your home, imagine being actor Nicolas Cage.

Cage, 45, has put his dilapidated 500-year-old Bavarian Castle — Scholss Neidstein — up for sale in Etzelwang, Germany.

Apparently, even though Cage can command millions of dollars for a movie, money’s tight for the Oscar Winning actor.

“Due to the difficult economic situation, unfortunately, I was no longer able to keep it,” Cage told German celebrity weekly Bunte. “Even if Neidstein castle is no longer in my possession, it will always have a firm place in my memory.”

Cage — whose grandmother is from Germany — purchased the 11th century castle in 2006 for $2.6 million dollars and hoped to use it as a retreat, but rarely goes there.

The 9,688-square-foot castle has  28 rooms  including 10 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. It also comes with a massive 400 acres of forest , meadows and fields.  But buyer beware: apparently the castle is a real fixer-upper and needs extensive renovations, including fixes to its leaky roof.  

But don’t feel too sorry for Cage.  He also owns a Midford Castle in England and an island in the Bahamas.


(Photo: Getty Images)

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