Carrie Gets Carried On Stage At ACM Awards

Carrie Underwood‘s outrageous performance garb for the ACM Awards was the big secret of the country music world and last night, the monstrosity of a dress was revealed, taking up nearly half the stage!  A source on the scene tells that Underwood’s behemoth of a gown, possibly Marie Antoinette inspired, was so heavy that it had to be carried on stage by 3 handlers and “to get off she grabbed as much as she could and scampered off, stumbling a bit.”  Poor thing!

Before the big night, Underwood described the dress as “hard to describe” and “maybe like lava”, but this merlot silk taffeta Rafael Cennamo confection is best described as a big waste of beautiful fabric!

Aren’t country singers about boots that are made for walkin’, not gowns made for incarceration.

(Photo: WENN)

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