BREAKING NEWS: Convicted Tyra Banks Stalker Won't Do Time

Supermarket worker Brady Green was convicted of stalking and harassing supermodel Tyra Banks Thursday, though won’t have to serve any time in jail.

Just a day after the America’s Next Top Model host testified about the 39-year-old man’s disturbing behavior — which included sending roses and love notes, repeated visits to her Manhattan Studio, and threats directed against her staffers — Criminal Court Judge James Burke said that Green’s behavior was “hounding.”

Burke also extended a restraining order to keep Green away from Banks. The judge said he would not impose a potential 90-day jail sentence on Green, but implored him, via his attorney, he needs to relocate.

“Put Mr. Green in a location where he can thrive,” Burke said. “And that location is not likely to be the city of New York.”


(Photo: WENN)

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