Charlie Sheen’s Rep: Son in Hospital Due to Weight Issue

As reports surfaced that one of Charlie Sheen’s newborn sons Max was in the hospital with a heart condition, a rep for the actor denies the claim and explains the true reason behind the hospitalization:

“Charlie and Brooke’s infant son Max remains in the hospital, not because of a heart condition as reported, but because he has not gained the weight necessary to leave hospital.  Max is expected to reach the weight requirement shortly and will join his brother at home,” his rep said in a statement.

“The weight issue is very common among infants who were born before reaching full term,” said  Sheen.  “I know a lot of people are not fond of hospital food; I just didn’t realize  that they started so young.”

Adds the rep: “The Sheen’s  appreciate the outpouring of concern but have assured everyone that both Bob and Max are fine. “

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