Beauty Expert Talks Celeb Beauty & Beauty Secrets

Dr. Francis Palmer, a plastic surgeon and author spoke to about all things beauty: celeb beauty, judging beauty, and obtaining and increasing beauty!  Palmer recently launched his book, What’s Your Number? The Palmer Code, where he reveals his numeric approach for assessing appearance.

Click Here to See Celeb Beauty Numbers on the Palmer Scale 1 – 100 points – Dr. Palmer Weighs in on the A-listers!

“This is not theory but fact because I’ve used this for twenty years to make people more attractive through surgery, even though you can do it in other ways,” Palmer says. His book is not about plastic surgery, but rather about  a holistic program that also advises readers to understand how inner beauty and confidence can increase one’s overall number.

With his own system for judging beauty, we asked about stars, and he answered:

Which Star has a low beauty number, that people may think has a high beauty number?  “Uma Thurman

Which celeb has a high beauty number, that people may think has a low beauty number?  “Ugly Betty – America Ferrera

There is a pressure in Hollywood for star’s to be thin, but your book stresses full cheeks for women? On being too thin, he says:  “it’s a fad. No way you can convince me as a beauty expert that someone whose head is bigger than their body is attractive.”

Rhinoplasty is the most common cosmetic surgery in the United States, but under Palmer’s numeric approach, it is only worth a measly 2/100 points (100 points being the perfect beauty – Angelina Jolie).  He refers to the nose as the “Rodney Dangerfield of facial features” because “it gets no respect and doesn’t deserve any respect.”  The stress is on the cheeks, lips, and eyebrows. The cheeks are worth a whopping 75 points in the Palmer code. “Full cheeks for women and high narrow cheeks for men,” he explained.

With a society rushing to the knife and scalpel, Palmer’s advises young people, “shouldn’t spend a nickel until [they] buy the makeup and learn how
to shape [their] cheeks, eyes and [their] lips.” He adds, “saving for rhinoplasty wont  make [them] as attractive. That’s the message in the book.”  According to the surgeon, it isn’t about whether or not the changes are “man made, god made, or through surgery” it is just important that they
are there.

To get the full scoop on his beauty tips and secrets, pick up the book on!

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