Bag it!

Is it a messenger bag? A purse? No, it’s the Baggino a diaper bag cum changing belt. Modern Moms – and let’s not forget the dads – don’t want to be carrying floral, over-sized diaper bags anymore.

The Baggino instantly converts from good-looking messenger bag to a practical baby-changing waist belt, meaning you can change Junior anywhere, even in those pint-sized airplane washrooms.  And no more leaving your bag on an unsanitary floor.

Featuring individual compartments for diapers, wipes, lotions, Dads love it because they feel like it’s a tool belt, and can whip out the necessary item like an old Western gunfighter. 

Travel light with the smaller version of Baggino’s Combination Diaper Bag-N-Belt that is sized for short excursions or to fit into larger bags to minimize carry-on luggage when traveling ($49) or for the serious Combination Diaper Bag- n- Changing Belt pony up $149.

Attaches to any stroller with ease and after a couple of tries, you’ll be an expert at converting the bag to your personal changing table.

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