WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: Octo-Mom’s SUV Swarmed by Paparazzi: See The Video!

An SUV transporting Octo-mom Nadya Suleman and two of her octuplets home from the hospital Tuesday night was swarmed by a group of overly aggressive paparazzi trying to snap photographs of Nadya and her two babies. was in the car interviewing Nadya when the paparazzi — desperate to get her attention –repeatedly banged on the vehicle when it stopped at red lights. In the process, they caused several dents and scratches on the vehicle. On a couple of occasions, the paps even went so far as to surround the SUV so it couldn’t move.

At one point, the driver of the SUV sped up, hoping to outrun them. Everyone in the car — including Nadya — knew they were in a potentially dangerous situation and asked the driver to slow down.

Watch our exclusive interview and see Nadya’s reaction to the pushy papz.

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