VIDEO: Octo-Mom Rift With Granny Hurting the Kids?

It’s clear in’s latest exclusive video with Nadya Suleman that the rift between the Octo-Mom and her mother is as deep as ever. Suleman brought home two more of her eight infants over the weekend. But what might have been a warm family moment was shattered when she and Grandma came to blows.


In the video, the elder Suleman claims that her grandchildren don’t respect her, and even shouts: “I will never come back, lady!” in front of some of the older children while Suleman begs her to calm down. checked in with Dr. Yvonne Thomas, a Los Angeles psychologist who specializes in family therapy, to find out what’s causing the conflict between mother and daughter, how their fighting could hurt Suleman’s 14 kids, and how they can mend their damaged relationship before it’s too late.

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