Tunes: Viva Glasvegas!

If you haven’t heard of Glasvegas, you soon will. The Scottish band – with a thing for Vegas — is big in the UK and generating some buzz here. So what does the next big thing sound like? Check out their t-shirts for a clue. The bassist is wearing a well-worn Stooges tee and the drummer sports Pogues. I’d throw in a U2 tee for singer/guitarist James Allan, circa mid-80’s.

Originally formed in late 2003 by singer/guitarist James Allen, his cousin, guitarist Rob Allen, bassist Paul Donoghue, and drummer Ryan Ross. When Ross left the band, drummer Caroline McKay came onboard, who kicks the h*** out of her kit.

Over the years, the Scottish town of Glasgow has spawned some great bands including Teenage Fanclub and Primal Scream. Add these boys to the list and check out their single “Geraldine” from their self-titled record.

Currently on tour stateside, check their website for dates in your city. You don’t want to miss ‘em.

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