TRAVEL: Supermodel Getaways

Where do supermodels go to re-charge? Anywhere they want, of course. That’s why you’ll find Heidi in Mexico, Gisele in Brazil, Kate in Spain. All the gals with no-last-name-necessary frequent luxurious retreats that offer seclusion, fabulous pampering and privacy.

Take Claudia’s favorite resort, Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz. The oh-so chic chic mountain resort is located in the Swiss Alps and features deluxe suites that can cost up to $19,200. Not only are there butlers on every floor, plus on-site stores like Cartier, Gucci and Versace, but the mountain resort offers seven restaurants and four bars so if bad girl Kate Moss feels like partying, she doesn’t even have to leave the premise.

Nice to be queen.

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