Tom Green: Fire Starter!

Too bad Tom Green has been axed from Celebrity Apprentice, because the perfect task would be for him to create a fire prevention campaign. Reason? Because it sure would have come in handy Monday night when he started a fire in the club h.wood!

Hanging with his buddies at a table in the smoking section, Tom began lighting napkins on fire. This seemed like a good idea (ok, we’re being kind here) until one napkin got too hot and Tom threw it on the floor. was there watching as Tom frantically stomped around, trying to put out the fire.

He thought he extinguished it and went back to having fun with his buddies. Meanwhile the fire WASN’T out and as it flared up again a fellow partier at a nearby table spotted it. The real-life Smokey the Bear jumped off his couch, tripped over a table, pushed Tom out of the way and put out the fire.

That’s about as hot as the night got for Tom.

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