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SWEAT: How to get Eva Longoria’s Abs!

Who doesn’t want to look like Eva Longoria? I’d settle just for her amazing abs!

Our fitness expert, Aimet Victoria, ( trains the svelte actress and shares her regimen with us:

Aimet: I can give you a couple exercises that people can do at their home or gym to obtain a strong core and soon a chiseled stomach :)

Start with 20- Hanging leg raises (this is at the gym)- if you can’t do straight leg then do bent knees.

15-Swiss ball double crunch( where the ball is held in between your knees hands behind your head to support your neck and think of an accordion- legs go out then come in while you bring your upper body to meet in the middle) exhale on top and repeat.

1 minute planks

15- Bicycles (But you must hold your contraction for a count of 3 then switch) people try to rush through this exercise but if you can slow it down and concentrate on the contraction you will have a much better exercise:)

NOW REPEAT 4 times!

GOOD LUCK and tell me how those abs feel:)

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