The Suit Men Want To Wear

A suit styled sneaker, imagine that! New Balance has created a sneaker that men want to wear and women approve of: the suit collection shoe.  Talk about suiting up and showing up! This shoe provides sophisticated style while incorporating elements of trend and comfort to a look.

The hip sneaker features authentic detailing both inside and outside of the shoe. Beginning with the shoe’s interior, each shoe is lined with a traditional pinstripe pattern, representative of a dress shirt. The leather, croc-embossed detailing on the outer is inspired by leather dress gloves and the gloss markings on a man’s dress belt. The “N” on each shoe features a subtle tortoiseshell pattern derived from eyeglasses. The shoelaces symbolize a men’s striped suit tie and a small crystal gemstone in each lace is evocative of cufflinks.

The shoe for all occasions. It’s James Bond meets Tony Hawk!

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