Star Styles: Bringin’ Back The 80’s! “Cool Beans”


Celeb trendsetters are bringing back the 80’s and the look is totally, well, “rad!”  From vintage sneakers, to sunglasses, to bags – the 80’s have hit Hollywood, New York, and even the runways of Milan and Paris.  The quintessential elements that are in the heat beat of revival are oversize lenses, hightop sneakers, large plastic accessories and most importantly neon pop pieces that stick out, rock out, and make the outfit totally “bitchen!”

Top fashion designers are customizing their lines to incoporate the 80’s styles- so, when the perfect vintage piece just can’t be found (or afforded) new replicas are hitting the shelves!  As long as the parachute pants and big hair stay in the grave, we are in store for some “wicked” neon looks and some awesome funky fashions. No duh!

MTV fashion guru and celebrity stylist, Alison Lang, tells us, “When rocking the 80’s look, wear one 80’s inspired piece at a time. For instance, if you do off the shoulder, gummie bracelets, or studded belts, limit your outfit to just one item.  You don’t want to look like roadkill left over from Flashdance!”

Click Here To See Starlets Rockin’ the 80’s in ’09!


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