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MUSIC: Say It Ain’t So!

Tell me you don’t agree that one of the best bands out of the UK in the last few years is Razorlight, who crafted the kick-ass single “America.” (To be perfectly accurate, they’re Anglo-Swedish.) So it comes as bad news that drummer Andy is quitting the band to “pursue other musical ventures”.  The band is currently on tour in the States, so check local listings for when they hit your town.

When the drummer failed to play at a Razorlight gig in Wolverhampton on 2 March, fans knew something was up.
In a statement on the band’s website, he called the past five years an “amazing experience” but has decided to leave the band “for personal reasons”, which could mean anything from he’s creatively stifled to he had a fight with the band. As he just recorded
a charity solo album, we’re thinking it might really be excuse #1.

Frontman Johnny Borrell said he would “miss” the drummer, but is adamant the band will continue recording without him.
For a band that’s only released two albums in 5 years, they’ve had a big impact on other bands and radio.

In the meantime, the band continues to tour with drummer 
Sullivan-Kaplan for all the US Dates. For more on Razorlight, check out their site: http://www.razorlight.co.uk/.