Robert Pattinson: “I’m Friends With Camilla”

Robert Pattinson, the hunky star of Twilight addresses the controversial rumors of a love triangle between him, Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas in the upcoming issue of GQ

When asked if he stole her away, Pattinson joked to the the magazine: “From the Jonas brother, yeah. I’m completely out of control. It’s funny, though, because I met her at her place the other day, and there’s a security gate, and even the security woman–I guess she knows that Camilla lives there, and she was like, ‘Oooh!’ “

The actor did reluctantly admit that he has visited her house.

“Like, once,” he says. “But it’s like–they always say ‘A source said,’ and I don’t know a single person that could be a source. I’m friends with Camilla, that’s the extent of it,” Pattinson said.

The heartthrob went on to say that Belle is one of the nicest people he knows, and that he finds it funny she has been portrayed as a home wrecker by the media.

Regarding his own love life, Pattinson confirmed, “I don’t see people. I don’t even have people’s phone numbers. I almost don’t want to have a girlfriend, in this environment.”

The magazine hits newsstands March 24.

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