Exclusive: Bobby Trendy ‘So Happy’ Stern Turned Himself In

Bobby Trendy, Anna Nicole Smith‘s interior decorator who was featured on her reality series, said he is “so happy” Smith’s partner and attorney Howard K. Stern turned himself into authorities, in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com Friday.

Stern and Dr. Sandeep Kappor were placed into custody Thursday in connection with drug charges stemming from Smith’s 2007 death; both posted $20,000 in bail money and were subsequently released.

The designer said he never witnessed any drug-related interactions between “his most cherished customer” Smith and Stern, but still questions to what extent Stern was involved in Smith’s alleged drug abuse.

“Anna was always the life of the party — she was always the party girl,” Trendy told RadarOnline.com. “She drank but … I never saw her do drugs. I mean, if Howard gave her drugs or medication or whatever was in that little black bag he would carry around — I don’t think it was makeup!”

Trendy said he has mixed emotions abut Stern, as he long believed he was “involved in her demise,” but recently came to the conclusion that Stern didn’t intent to harm Smith. He said he didn’t like Stern because the attorney hoarded Smith to himself and followed her around like a restaurant waiter, catering to her every demand.

“I always thought there was something weird about him,” Trendy said.

Trendy said he is looking forward to seeing the outcome of the trial.

“I will be front and center and camera-ready,” he said.



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