Post Model Mayhem: Tyra Horses Around

After the media frenzy surrounding the stampede outside  of the America’s Next Top Model auditions last week, Tyra Banks was out looking for — not models folks, but horses!  Better yet, horses that are always perfect posers. has learned that Miss Banks was shopping at the famed H.D. Buttercup furniture store in Los Angeles on Saturday and a source on the scene tells us, “It surprised me how much she was into the horse things.”

The horse things?   That’s right, Tyra was pricing out some large, nearly life-size wooden horse statues that range in price from $1,500 to $2,800 big ones.    The source tells us, ” She looked fantastic and was all done up and
she looked great… she really did.”  With a face like Tyra’s and a body and booty to boot, we’d hope so.  Also, folks, when anyone is going to spend a couple g’s on a large hunk of wood, we’d hope they are carrying a fabulous handbag to pull out the Amex or the cash!  Tyra! Tyra!

Photo: WENN

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