GIMME: Otterbox for Travel


So you like to travel with all your electronics but after spending oodles of money on your latest tech, you’re worried about protecting them. With the Otterbox Armor series you have no worries. First, a thin, clear membrane covers your Touch Screen to help prevent scratches and dings. Second, a hard, strong Polycarbonate skeleton surrounds your device. Wrapped around all of this is a Silicone skin that absorbs bump and shock. The new version features rounded edges so it’s a sleeker look, and feels less bulky in your hands.

Waterproof? Check. Drop-proof? Check. Dust proof? Check. Sand proof? Check. 

Too bulky for you? Try the Defender Series model, which gives you “Water Protection” plus all the other features but a lower profile. Prices range depending on models, natch.

You can even get an indestructible case for your PC or tablet, plus all iPod models, iPhones (both generations.) Blackberrys, Palm, HP, Motorola phones…..

For us klutzes, we’re waiting for the Otterbox full-body armor.

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