Model Melee Witnesses Speak Out On Today Show

Three aspiring America’s Next Top Model contestants recalled their accounts of the melee that erupted front of the New York audition spot on Saturday. 

“There were girls just being stomped on with high heels,” contestant Annina Manttari told the Today Show on Tuesday. 

“I was completely scared,” contestant Lauren Musacchio said. “I honestly thought I just had to run … I just really wanted to get bout of there as fast as possible.”

The audition, targeted at women 5-foot-7 and under, drew an unexpectedly large crowd outside Manhattan’s Park Central New York hotel.

Kiara McCarthy said she arrived at 7:30 a.m. to discover a long line of overnight campers aspiring to get a spot on the show.

Musacchio said the audition was extremely disorganized, as she mistakenly figured she was at the front of the line when she was actually in back. She said people were crying “bomb” just prior to the melee.

All three seemed pleased when told Tyra Banks decided to postpone the New York auditions for a later date; the women indicated they were anxious to audition again, assuming circumstances were safer than before.

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