Michelle Obama: “I Was Like, Baby Bump?”

Elegant, classy, cultured are good adjectives by which to label Michelle Obama — pregnant is not.

In a new interview with Oprah Winfrey‘s O Magazine, the talk show host broached the subject by commenting on a minor flaw in her impressive physique.

After Winfrey told Obama, “You look better than ever—despite the rumors that you’ve got a baby bump,” the first lady responded laughing, saying “I know—I was like, ‘Baby bump? As hard as I work on my abs?!'”

Obama, noted for her toned, Angela-Basset-esque arms, said she works about about four or five days a week.

She quashed the bumpy rumor with a straight-forth response normally missing in the political spectrum.

“Here’s the scoop,” she said. “Not pregnant. And not planning on it.”

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