Manly Beauty

If your man is stealing your beauty aides, then get him his own kit, fast! We like the John Allan’s Travel kit for 40 bucks, which includes cute, uh…manly Sport Conditioning Shampoo; body wash; moisturizing cleansing scrub; exfoliating face cleanser; shave stick conditioning cream; face replenishing moisturizer and some spearmint lip balm.

And if he has hands like a brick-layer, treat him to Jack Black “Industrial Strength” Hand Healer with Vitamins A & E. Non-greasy and it doesn’t smell frilly at all, with a strong eucalyptus smell. Only $15 for 3fl ounces.

When it comes to smell, YOU pick since you’re the one who gets to enjoy it. Sample Sean John’s scent, “I am King” which has a masculine freshness.

Or maybe you want to go in another direction and spray him with Davidoff Cool Water which has lighter, warmer smell of sandalwood and je nais ce quois.

Tell your peacock he smells yummy and guaranteed he’ll wear whatever scent you desire.

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