Kate Moss: Supermodel in Mourning

As the supermodel behind the waif look of the 90’s, Kate Moss has been considered a fashion icon for nearly two decades, but recently she has gone from fashion front runner to style-less siren.  After all, she is still a knockout.  Kate Moss has been wearing all black ensembles almost everywhere she goes and often times wearing the same jacket over and over again. 

For the girl that has been recognized as an International style fixture credited by the Council of Fashion Designers of America as well as making the Vanity Fair International best-dressed list- where did the Kate Moss go that women around the globe have looked up to as a pillar of style copying her every trend from denim cut off shorts, to Ugg boots, to handbags?

With access to the top fashion designers in the world and their extraordinary lines, Kate Moss has either lost her love of fashion, become frighteningly complacent in the style department, or is simply a supermodel in mourning.

Life is tough, but even supermodels have to roll with the punches.

Photo Credit: WENN

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