Joel and Benji’s Weight Loss Face-Off

Talk about sibling rivalry. Gearing up for their next album, the main boys of Good Charlotte– twin brothers Benji and Joel Madden– are getting in shape.

“You guys are skinny, skinnier,” Ryan Seacrest noted doing his interview with the siblings on Monday morning.

“We’re working out everyday, getting ready for the next record,” Joel admitted. When asked how much the brothers have lost, Benji said he dropped twenty pounds while Joel had lost ten. Though Benji may have posted higher weight loss numbers, he couldn’t help tipping his hat to his brother’s workout discipline.

“I’m trying to [compete with Joel] but he’s on a whole another level,” Benji said. “He’s working out like four hours a day, boxing and all that. I’m like one hour a day, that’s all I got.”

“I’m just obsessive compulsive,” Joel explained. “Like my tattoos, I’m not just going to get one.”

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