Jessica Szohr Sneaks A Peak Of Westwick’s Skirt

Ed Westwick rocked the house in a multi-plaid kilt and sleeveless shirt during last night’s Dressed To Kilt event at M2 in New York.  Complete with
matching boots, Westwick made the Scottish traditional garb look almost butch and hip!

According to a source on the scene, Westwick’s real-life girlfriend and Gossip Girl co-star, Jessica Szohr tucked into
the event and didn’t want to steal the show from her boyfriend.  She snuck backstage and took a seat next to the night’s host Sean Connery to
get a bird’s eye view of the kilted models without the shutterbugs spotting her.  Our source tells us, ” She was low-key and didn’t want to
make a scene.”

Not to Gossip, but for a guy in his early twenties, Westwick must be confident to sport a skirt on a runway and in front of his lady friend!

(Photo: WENN)

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