Jennifer Hudson “Excited” To Tour

Brushing off months of tragedy, Jennifer Hudson is prepping herself for her triumphant return to performing when she goes on the first-full scale concert tour of her career.

“I’m excited to get out and meet the people and sing for the people,” Hudson says. “I always love to perform live. The only other tour I’ve been part of is the (American) Idol tour, so this’ll be more intimate and personal.”

Hudson will hit the road March 31 in Albany, N.Y.  with Robin Thicke. With only one album under her belt, it made sense for her to co-headline rather than branch out on her own. 

“I’m in a weird place,” she says, “like, ‘Wow, everybody knows Jennifer, but where do you place her? Who do you put her with? Where do I go?’ That was the hardest part of the puzzle to put together. I think we came out with a great solution.”

Hudson and Thick have collaborated before, he wrote a song on her last album.

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