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GIMMIE: Kid Finder

If you tend to lose track of your children often (and we’re not making any judgment calls here) this handy dandy tracking device is just what you need. It’s called Kid Finder and was developed by the Princeton Company (not the college.) 


It is a remote that displays basic directional information to lead the holder to the corresponding receiver. And when we say “basic” we literally mean, “closer, close, further away, far away…” which means a little one could understand it. Besides this, it gives information about the distance and has an alarm for the kid’s side in case of danger. But since it only works up to 90 meters we’re thinking it would only be useful in a small park or mall. 


The problem with kiddies – besides losing them — is that they tend to drop thing so maybe Velcro it to their shirt or something. You can even use it for your doggies. Just affix it to their collar.


The Kid Finder comes for $109 and you can buy it at the Japan Trend shop.