Fergie’s Rock-stress Panties On eBay

Girl sings about being Fergalicious and rocks some pretty hip styles,  even Fergie‘s underwear is crazy hardcore!  The booty shakin’ diva, donated her undergarments to a charity that is hawkin’ the studded booty coverups (if they cover much at all) on eBay and the current bid for the mini gold number is a whopping £106.00! That’s in British pounds, folks, and in a bad economy!

Seeing as our lady Fergie has pricey panties, it is refreshing to know that the money earned from the auction will benefit a charity in North London to support destitute asylum seekers.  The sale runs through March 31 and has garnered a lot of celeb support.  We didn’t want to flaunt ’em, but Helen Mirren‘s granny pants can also be purchased for a steep £25.00.  Get your celeb skivvies on!

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