VIDEO: Experts Say Cocaine Scandal Pics Could Destroy Anna Nicole Shrink

Khristine Eroshevich is already in a world of trouble – indicted in the Anna Nicole drug case.  Now, with‘s exclusive photos showing her snorting lines in a cocaine scandal, her career is over says an expert. Another expert points to an ominous end for the troubled psychiatrist: jailtime.

“It’s over for Khristine. Her medical license is gone,” prominent California criminal defense attorney Daniel Horowitz told after viewing the pictures. “And she won’t be able to testify in her own behalf at her criminal trial because her reputation is now totally shot.  Prosecutors would simply throw these pictures at her if she did take the stand.”

“What’s she going to say – that she’s at summer camp and this is an art project?

See the shocking photos here

In a taped interview with, lawyer and legal commentator Royal Oaks further discussed the ramifications Eroshevich could face which could include jail time. Watch the video for his expert insight.

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