Ellen and Portia’s Newlywed Game

On Monday afternoon actress Portia de Rossi appeared as a guest on wife Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show for the first time.

It wasn’t just a normal chairside chat though.The couple taped a take-off on the classic game show The Newlywed Game which tests couples’ closeness by asking contestants tough, and often humorous, questions about their significant others.

In a preview of the segment, the game show host asks de Rossi: “If Ellen was reincarnated as a dog, what breed would she be?” Portia’s answer? “Mutt.” The couple is also challenged to guess which is their partner’s favorite Whoopi Goldberg film and identify the best gift they’d ever given each other.

“Ellen wanted to do a fun segment with Portia,” says a source, “and seeing that they are newlyweds [the pair married last August], she wanted to do newlywed show.”

The beloved series will re-launch on cable network GSN next month, with Carnie Wilson slated to host.

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