EXCLUSIVE: Octo-Mom Fires Angels In Waiting

In a startling development, Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman has decided to no longer use the services of Angels In Waiting, the non-profit charity organization that had offered to provide 24/7 care for her octuplets and six other children, at a cost.

Suleman tells RadarOnline.com exclusively that, instead, she wants to hire her own nannies to care for her children. Suleman had been using the services provided by Angels In Waiting since she brought home of the first of octuplets last Tuesday night in a chaotic mob scene that was broadcast on television worldwide.

Members of Angels in Waiting are scheduled to tape an episode of Dr. Phil tomorrow, and Nadya is concerned the organization will bash her. She tells RadarOnline.com she hopes to also appear on the program to defend herself.

Story still developing…

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