British Reality TV Star Jade Goody Dies

British reality TV star Jane Goody has died from cervical cancer at home in Upshire, Essex at the age of 27. 


She passed away in her sleep early Sunday – Mother’s Day in the U.K. Her husband Jack Tweed and mother Jackie Budden were at her bedside when she died.


Goody shot to fame when she joined the reality show Big Brother in 2002 .  She later published her autobiography and launched her own perfume. 


In 2007, she sparked a major row when she made racist remarks to Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty during a celebrity version of Big Brother.


Her career appeared to be over, but public opinion softened when the Goody became ill. She was taking part in the Indian version of Big Brother when she learned she was suffering from cervical cancer.


She spent the final months of her life raising public awareness of the disease, but still kept a high public profile.  Her marriage to Tweed last month was broadcast live on British television. The publicity generated more than a million euros in fees, which Goody said was intended for her sons, 5-year-old Bobby and 4-year-old Freddy.


Photos: Splash



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