Breaking News: Shawn Johnson’s Stalker Charged With a Felony

Robert Michael O’Ryan, the accused stalker of Olympic medalist and Dancing With the Stars contestant Shawn Johnson, was officially charged with a felony on Thursday afternoon in Los Angeles for “willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follow[ing], and did willfully and maliciously harass[ing]” the gymnast.

“And [O’Ryan] made a credible threat with intent that she [Johnson] be placed in reasonable fear for her safety and the safety of her immediate family,” the court papers continue.

O’Ryan was also charged with two misdemeanor counts for unlawfully carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle in Los Angeles. His bail has been set for $220,000. In court, he plead not guilty to all three charges but was ordered to stay 500 feet away from Johnson and the CBS lot where Dancing is taped. He is also prohibited from having any contact, written or electronic, with her.

Earlier, a former neighbor told that O’Ryan was a “loner” who didn’t have a visitor for an entire year before suddenly disappearing.

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