Ashton Kutcher Twits About Tom Selleck’s Mustache

Ashton Kutcher has a bit of a man-crush on his Five Killers co-star, Tom Selleck.

“I met the great tom selleck today,” Kutcher wrote on his Twitter page Tuesday.  “So jealous of the stache. It’s glorious and full. He really cool too … Tom Selleck’s mustache is Victoria’s Secret. Tom Selleck’s mustache is the fifth Beatle… I am going to encourage Tom to do a got milk commercial. Epic!”

After getting the mustache stuff out of his system, Kutcher wrote his first impression of Selleck — the man, not the mustache — was that he’s a “layed back but really sharp guy. Big heart. I like people that are like Selleck.”

(Photo: WENN)

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