Turner Psyched

Country singer Josh Turner admits he’s getting more and more pumped about the baby he and his wife Jennifer — and their 2-year old son, Hampton — are expecting this summer.

He tells People that they’re actually able to relax a little more and enjoy the coming event.

“I do feel more confident,” said the 31 year-old star. “Jennifer talked about little things she’s worried about but I’m like, ‘Hey we’ve been through this before.’ The fundamental things you freaked out about with the first child, I don’t think you’ll freak out about them as much. I’m more prepared for those newborn months, the crying and trying to figure out what’s wrong.”

As for Hampton, “He’s excited about having a play partner,” said Turner. “He keeps talking about how he wants to snuggle with it. I’m hoping he’s going to be snuggly and not rough!”

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