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Top Social Networking Sites

Chances are, you talk to a lot of people via websites sites like MySpace and Facebook. A year ago, that made you sort of unique. Today, not so.

Online social networking sites saw a 13 percent increase from 2007 to 2008. The biggest jumps were enjoyed by Facebook and Flickr, which are expected to top the list next year.

According to comScore, the top ten in December — with the number of unique visitors (in thousands) and percentage of increase — are:

Myspace.com (75,919, 10%)

Facebook (54,552, 57%)

Flickr (20,698, 53%)

Classmates Online (16,553, 66%)

MyLife.com (15,018, N/A)

Buzznet (9,781, 97%)

AOL Community (9,208, 22,701%)

Yahoo Buzz (8,724, 79%)

AIM Profiles (8,618, 223%)

Webs.com (8,053, N/A)