Britney Spears And Parents Sued By Ex-Manager

The war has reached a breaking point between the Spears family and Sam Lutfi. Lutfi is claiming that the Spears family has defamed him and harassed him among others. Sam has hired powerhouse attorney, Bryan Freedman to fight the Spears family.

As part of a lawsuit Sam Lutfi has filed against Britney Spears, Jamie and Lynne Spears for libel, defamation, and more. Lufti alleges that Jamie and Lynne destroyed “anyone and anything that would come between them and Britney, and interfering with Britney’s marriage to Kevin Federline.”

He also claims that Lynne is lying in her book when she says that Sam threw out all of her phone chargers, and disabled the house phone lines, and that he didn’t grind her pills as Lynne stated in her sworn declaration that she gave last year to the court.

As exclusively reported Monday, Sam Lutfi says he received threatening voice mail messages from Jamie, and that Jamie threatened to kill him if he ever said anything disrespectful about the Spears family.

Sam says that he had an oral agreement with the pop star entitling him to 15% of her earnings and she now owes him what was never paid.

Bryan Freedman, Sam Lufti’s attorney, had this to say:

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