Octuplet Mom's Ex-Husband: "I Respect Her"


Marcos Gutierrez, the ex-husband of octuplet-mom Nadya Suleman, told a RadarOnline.com reporter today: “I respect my ex-wife and still keep in contact with her.”

It was the first public comment Gutierrez has made since his ex made national headlines.

In a brief telephone interview Marcos refused to comment on most things, including why it took him eight years to obtain a divorce from Nadya.

In a very polite and calm manner, Marcos told RadarOnline.com: “At the end of the day we are all human beings. I respect my ex-wife.”

Asked why it took so long for him to obtain a divorce, he said: “There are a lot of things someone may not fully understand about our marriage.”

Nadya has said that Marcos is NOT the biological father of her 14 children. She says a “friend” donated the sperm for her in-vitro fertilization.

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