Octuplet Mom Living in Hotel – Are Taxpayers Paying?

Octo-mom Nadya Suleman has secretly been staying in a hotel for the past week, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively, leading to the question: Are taxpayers footing the bill for the welfare mom with 14 kids?

NBC says they didn’t pay Nadaya for her interview. Her mother Angela told RadarOnline.com that while she has supported Nadya up until now, she’s not paying for the hotel bill. Meanwhile, after initially denying it, Angela did confirm that she is receiving public assistance.

Is taxpayer money being used to pay Octo-mom’s hotel bill while she makes the interview circuit?

See NEW photos inside the house where kids are being raised

RadarOnline.com learned that Nadya had not seen her six children for a week, until this past weekend. They are now staying with her in the hotel.

Nadaya and her fertility specialist doctor have become a lightning rod for controversy. Angela Suleman told RadarOnline.com that she begged the doctor not to implant more embryos in her daughter, who already had six children she couldn’t afford. Angela says she has been paying all the bills.

Nadya admits she’s $50,000 in debt and doesn’t have a job but claims she has paid her mother some rent.

Meanwhile she has a publicity team and is hoping for a book deal and a reality show.

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