Octo Mom's Dad Defends Daughter


33 year old single mom Nadya Suleman is feeling even more heat for her decision to carry octuplets.

Suleman gained worldwide fame when she gave birth to octuplets on January 26th, but she’s also been the subject of growing bad press.

Now, a Southern California psychiatrist has filed a complaint with child-protective services against her.

“The best thing would be for [the eight babies] to be adopted straight from the hospital, rather than being allowed to go home and be in real danger,” Dr. Carole Lieberman told The New York Post.

In her four-page, 25-point complaint to the LA Department of Children and Family Services, Lieberman charged: “Animals have litters, they don’t exert conscious control over the number of babies that they have. It is not psychologically, nor physically, possible to provide sufficient love and attention to the ‘litter’ that Ms. Suleman has
chosen to deliver.”

Suleman’s father defended his daughter, and said Lieberman is the one who needs her head examined.

“[Lieberman] needs a psychologist herself!” snapped dad Edward Suleman to the Post.

Suleman seems to be coping with the wave of bad press and even death

“There were letters and e-mails saying we deserved to die,” she said. “There were protesters in front of my house. There are mentally disturbed people in the world.”

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