NY Real Housewife To Hills Alum: Don't Mess With The Rockers


Bethenny Frankel is not threatened that Hills alum, Whitney Port, is stomping on her New York City turf by filming her NY based reality show The City! When discussing Whitney, Bethenny exclusively tells RadarOnline.com, ” She is 150 years younger than I am… She’s green in the city.” New York is definitely not LALA land!

When asked if she has any advice for the new girl in town, Frankel explains that Miss Port needs to keep a “core group of friends…not the downtown music crowd.” She continues by saying that “dating someone in a rock & roll band is a recipe for disaster.” Look at Heather Locklear!

Bethenny has a new book out, “Naturally Thin” and is coming out with her own “Skinny Girl Margarita”. Must be fabulous to have a TV show, a book, and a cocktail line, yet she remains a kind and grounded lady. As she tells us, “I buy everything I own on Ebay.”

Real Housewives of NYC premiere’s on February 17th and according to B, it is “a little more heated!”

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