Mickey Rourke Finding Puppy Love Again


Mickey Rourke is getting an Oscar after all!

The Academy Award-nominated star, who recently lost his beloved dog Loki, says he’s getting a new Chihuahua this week and he’s going to name it Oscar.

“The Wrestler” star may have lost to Sean Penn last night for the Big Award but he’s telling friends that he’ll have his Oscar regardless.

“Mickey has other dogs but he misses Loki terribly,” a friend of the star tells RadarOnline.com. “He doesn’t want to wait long either – he wants to get his new pooch this week.”

On Saturday night Mickey took home the Independent Spirit Award and in his colorful acceptance speech he dedicated his win to Loki, saying, “This is for you, baby!”

“The new dog won’t replace Loki but by naming it Oscar Mickey says he’ll make his comeback year even more special,” added the friend.

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