Michael isn’t the only Jackson to apparently have money woes.

In court documents exclusively obtained by, Michael’s brother Jermaine Jackson has filed for a petition to decrease his spousal support to his ex-wife of nine years, Alejandra.

In Jackson’s petition, he says his main source of income was from the reality show Big Brother, which was a one-time event and paid him $450,000.
At the time, the judge ordered Jackson pay $3,749 per month child support and an additional $7,762 spousal support.

Jackson stated “In 2008, my annual gross income was $10,713 which breaks down to $892.75 gross income per month.”

Jackson also says in 2008, his entertainment company entered into a one-time contract for $35,000 with a company, and that his corporation operated at a net loss.

He claims that Alejandra has annual income of $24,000 and that he has provided her with a house for her and the kids to live in.

He wants the court to modify child support and he wants her to pay his attorney fees, which are $1800.

The couple have two children, Jaafar and Jermajesty.

The next hearing in this case will be held March 23.

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