Idol Finalist Mom Put Child Killer Behind Bars


The mother of flamboyant American Idol contestant Nate Marshall once helped put a child killer behind bars.

Nate’s mom, 51-year old Pamela Marshall, is a drug user with a long prison record. Despite her problems, she did an amazing thing.

Pamela Marshall has a long criminal past, but that hasn’t stopped her from doing good.

Franklin County, NY District Attorney Derek Champagne tells The National Enquirer: “I’ve put her in jail numerous times but when she’s out on the street I’ve seen her and she’s waving, saying, ‘Hi, Mr. Champagne, I’m trying to get my act together.’

Despite her repeated run-ins with Champagne, Pamela was one of his star witnesses against child-killer Brenda Snyder who suffocated her 2-year-old daughter.

Around Christmas 1998, Snyder was awaiting trial in the Franklin County Jail. Pamela was a fellow inmate. The two talked, and Snyder confessed to killing her toddler.

Pamela didn’t immediately tell authorities. She thought the system would work and Snyder would be convicted.

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