Hudson and Wilson Back Together

(Photo: Splash News Online)

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson, one of Hollywood’s most famous flip-flopping couples, have flipped again.

According to a photog for “Kate has been coming religiously” to Owen Wilson’s house, “She’s here at least a couple times a week and she’s been sunbathing in the back yard, hanging out by the pool.” After the pair spent all of Sunday together, along with Hudson’s 5 year-old son Ryder, at Wilson’s Malibu home.

The 40 year-old Wilson and 29 year-old Hudson began dating in September 2006, after shooting You, Me and Dupree together. Their most recent split was in May 2008, 9 months after Wilson’s notorious wrist-slitting suicide attempt.

“It was a pretty bad breakup,” one of Wilson’s friends said. “Owen said it was a tough one. He definitely doesn’t want to dwell on it. He wants to put it behind him.”

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