How We Met Your Mothers


How I Met Your Mother stars Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders (they play BFF’s Lily and Robin) are both pregnant – for real!

“Your baby’s on your brain and you can’t help but talk about it all day,” 26-year old Smulders told TV Guide.

“It’s great having a team of us.”

Unfortunately, not quite everyone is on that “team.”

“It had been discussed whether or not they would write it in,” says 34-year old Hannigan. “But just working with the babies for 1 week confirmed it’s a good thing they’re not.”

Hannigan’s fictional hubby, played by Knocked Up star Jason Segel, “is not the best with little babies. They seem to scream every time he comes near them.”

Hannigan is married to Buffy actor Alexis Denisof. Smulders recently got engaged to BF Taran Killam.

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