It always goes back to mom.

The mom of the woman who gave birth to octuplets last week in southern California, says her daughter blames her own childhood for her desire to have lots of kids.

33 year old Nadya Suleman now has 14 children after giving birth to six boys and two girls on Jan 26. All of her children are a result of having in vitro fertilization.

Nadya’s mother, Angela Suleman, tells, “She always blamed me for only having her. She was a single child. I was a teacher and I am retired now. I always asked other students how they liked it [being an only child] and they liked it, they didn’t have to share anything but she was different, she was always upset I didn’t have more. But I don’t think she really knew. If she had brothers and sisters I don’t think she would have been happier sharing all that so it’s all what’s in your mind I think.”

Angela says Nadya first talked about having a large family when she was just a teenager.

Nadya is only the second person in the U.S. to give birth to eight babies at once.

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