Fashionistas Flipping: Economy Burning New York Fashion Week?


Fashion Week officially begins on…Friday the 13th.

Stylists, editors, and designers…Oh my! They are flipping their fedoras and
tapping their stiletos, Christian Louboutin of course, because New York Fashion Week is scaling down and the fashion houses are cutting back on spending. The shows may not be as large and some designers are even opting for drop-in press previews rather than runway shows.

The primary source of frustration is, believe it or not, the email formatted invites instead of printed and mailed invites. Celebrity Stylist and MTV Style Guru Alison Lang tells exclusively, “Email invites take away from the glamour of fashion week. Every season a designer gives birth to a new collection…would you email a birth announcement? It would take away from the beauty of the child– the same way it does a collection.”

Although the NY scenesters are fuming right now, the shows will go on and they
will all smile for the lights, camera, and action. The fashion industry is definitely taking a financial hit because of the economy, but let’s remember folks– people are losing their homes!

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